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Electronics Trainings

Electronics Training

The course is about basic electronic circuits, both analog and digital. In the analog part, diode circuits, BJT amplifiers, Op Amp circuits will be covered. In the digital part, combinatorial and sequential circuits will be covered. A unique feature of the course is extensive use of circuit simulation results in order to give a realistic picture of the circuit operation and waveforms. Assignments are designed to help the students to test their understanding of the concepts being covered. A circuit simulation package will be made available (as free download) to enable students to simulate circuits covered in the course and gain further insight in their functioning.


Electronics Training Course contents-

Network theorems and phasors
RC/RL circuits with a piecewise constant source
Diode circuits
Diode rectifiers, BJT
BJT ampifier
Op-amp circuits
Op-amp circuits (continued), Bode plots
 Op-amp circuits (continued)
Op-amp circuits (continued)
Digital circuits (combinatorial)
Digital circuits (sequential)
ADC, DAC, 555 timer

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